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…for getting West this awesome handmade blanket!

So awesome.

Thanks, G-Ma!

And also a big thanks to my old college friend Katie Paluch for making it!

Katie is amazing when it comes to these handmade blankets. (Years ago, Ma Shady also commissioned Katie to make a blanket for Grey.) Here’s just a sample of what Katie can do with a needle and thread.

Katie's stitching is on point! Get it?!?

Lucky to have both such thoughtful family and talented friends,


Claire + Jasika = Good Friends!

…for this amazing (and handmade by Jasika) baby quilt…


…that has this wonderful little quote (taken from a text KB once sent to Jasika) sewn directly into it.

You are smart. You are funny. You are going to be president one day.


This precededĀ a basketball game,


Old Poop!