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…located just outside Wrigley Field a bunch of times.

Still want glasses like that.

But only recently did I notice the weird fans sculpted into the base of Harry’s legs.

But not legs like that.

This mother and child combo is especially creepy.

Or the soul of a child.

They remind me of the souls trapped in Freddy Krueger’s chest in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

I will take Freddy's souls though!

One, two, Harry’s coming for booze,


This year, we attempted a theme: We would each go as a Will Ferrell character.

Unfortunately, KB’s Ron Burgundy didn’t happen, but Grey went as Harry Caray.

Grey as Harry Caray!

I went as Gene Frenkle, AKA Blue Öyster Cult’s “MORE COWBELL!” musician.

More cowbell!

That’s a woman’s sweater. And I really need to work on that beer gut.

Anyway, Grey also got this cute Batgirl costume from her Great Aunt Carol, so she rocked that outfit as well.

Grey as Batgirl!

Obviously, things have been crazy, but I think we did okay for throwing them together last-minute.

I went trick-or-treating in my costume… alone… at 2AM,


Old Poop!