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Busted buckles.

…and allĀ of them have the same problem: a broken-off metal pin/stub/whatever that goes into the actual hole of the belt.

But is all hope lost?

Any metal geniuses out there know how to fix such a thing? Or are these four just doomed for a landfill?

Any suggestions, hit me up.

My pants keep falling down,



Almost a haiku,


I got the following email today from my good friend Mandy Cook:

Hi all,

My friend Meagan Patrick lives in Denver, Colorado. The week before Halloween she had what she describes as an “episode” while at work. She was rushed to the hospital and immediately underwent brain surgery. She was then diagnosed with stage 3 astrocytoma. This type of brain cancer is the same that Senator Ted Kennedy suffered from. Astrocytoma never goes away; she will have to fight it as long as she lives.

Meagan has no health insurance and no transportation (after all, she’s an artist). The website (linked below) was developed by her partner. Please take a moment to learn more about Meagan and donate if possible, and be sure to check back often as it will document Meagan’s condition and progress.

Website: Save Meagan Patrick

Meagan is an awesome gal. Please help in whatever way you can. Prayers are much needed.



Please spread the word and help if you’re able.


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what this is in reference to.

If you can–and believe me, I understand it’s a tough time for everyone right now–but if you have something to give, please do it here.

Check the “International Response Fund” when donating to have your money go to the Haitian relief fund.


Old Poop!