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Two of my favorites.

…which, if you’ve been a reader for awhile now, you should know.

Last month, they put together a short video to promote an annual street art event held at the winery Cave Fin Bec in Switzerland called myFINBEC.

About the event:

Artists from around the world come to Cave Fin Bec and paint eight murals on 672 wooden wine crates. The paintings are then made into the eight wine labels for eight organic wines. The murals are then taken apart case by case, filled with six bottles of wine each, and then made available to anyone around the world.

Watch the video here.

I’ll take the wine and the art,


Our lost Herakut canvas bag.

…with this Herakut art on it.

So if you come across one on the ground (specifically, at Malibu Wines), it’s ours.

An expensive bag for a short amount of use,


Learn more here and here,


…got a huge boost recently with these two new pieces by German graffiti duo Herakut. (Click on all images for a larger version.)

Learn more about Herakut here.

And then there’s this. Just as sweet, but for a totally different reason.

Glad I saw these before some asshole painted over them,


Old Poop!