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…no, seriously.

One of the things I miss most about Milwaukee (other than the obvious ones, like friends, family and Friday night fish fries) is Alterra coffee.

After a few months of drinking cheap sludge out here (that’s the price you pay when your one-bedroom apartment costs, well… a lot) I found myself craving Alterra more than ever.

Sure, L.A. has its share of okay coffee spots, like Peet’s and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but nothing out here compares to the caffeinated goodness of a hot pot from Alterra.

Thankfully, a few people back in Milwaukee love us, and bought me and Kathy an annual coffee subscription to Alterra! Each month we’ll get a pound of delicious coffee delivered right to our front door.

This month: Ethiopia Harar.

Alterra Coffee

Mmmm… beans.

Alterra Coffee

My Lord… I had forgotten what great coffee tasted like.

Thanks to Dwellephant, Dori Zori, Marla and Jodi for sending a little bit of home all the way to California!

I’m usually not big on being a commercial, but if you love coffee and are looking to try something new, check out Alterra here.

Home in a cup,


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