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Uh... what?

…I’m not taking either of those.

Kangaroo Placenta 5000 is the name of my new death metal band,


Rest in peace, old friend.

At least you outlived the Cock Hat.

Somewhere between Hong Kong and Los Angeles,


…so I’ve seen my fair share of different foods being placed on a stick.

I have never, however, seen this:

No... fucking... way.

Fuck no… on a stick,


WHEN there is a fire?!?

They clearly know something we don’t,


Don't call me white!

And they’re not that far off.

I do own that hat,


Hope that wasn't used for my fish and chips an hour earlier.

…but at the top of that list is a bathroom stall in a Hong Kong restaurant.

I just threw up in your mouth,


…when I see them out in public, but when you run into a member of the Jackson 5 in Hong Kong of all places, I’m pretty sure you’re obligated to ask for a photo.

He wants me back!

In my defense, he was wearing a Jackson 5 jacket… which is kind of asking for it,


…KB and I will be on our way to Hong Kong!


Which may or may not technically be a part of China!


Our last trip for awhile,



It’s on in three weeks,


Old Poop!