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If you happen to be in Milwaukee tomorrow night, be sure to stop into Hot*PopĀ and check out Dwella vs. Ella 2, a pretty good sequel to a pretty good art show.

Back in 2009, my good friend Dwellephant and a then 6-year-old Ella Martin gave the world Dwella vs. Ella, an art show that featured drawings from both artists. Now, three years later (and with a 9-year-old Ella Martin), they’re back!

Hot*Pop is located at 213 N. Broadway Avenue in the Third Ward. The opening will run during Gallery Night’s normal hours.

So go! Look at art! Buy some! And say hello to the city and people I love!

My, how they’ve grown,


…go visit Dwellephant at yet another book-release event!

I won’t be able to make it to this one, but that should give you even more of a reason to head on out and support “Missing the Boat” and Dwell!

Here are the details:

Dwellephant at Boswell Book Company

I stole this from Milan,


Gallery Night at hot*pop in Milwaukee's Third Ward!






Last month, a little book I wrote called “Missing the Boat” was released. I was fortunate enough to have my good friend Dwellephant illustrate the entire thing.

But Dwellephant is more than just a children’s book illustrator. When he’s not slaving over drawings of Noah and his Ark, Dwell keeps busy creating new artwork for exhibitions.

One such exhibition opens this Friday in Milwaukee, and if you happen to be in the area you should definitely check it out.

Titled “Dwella vs. Ella,” the show features twenty tag-team paintings that were co-created by Dwellephant and a young painting prodigy named Ella Martin.

Here’s a flier for the show:

Dwella vs. Ella

And here are three (albeit kinda crappy and low-res versions) of the collaborations:

Dwella vs. Ella 1

Dwella vs. Ella 2

Dwella vs. Ella 3

The show starts March 13th and runs through May 14th at hot*pop in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, so if you happen to be at Gallery Night this Friday be sure to stop in and say hello to both Dwellephant and Ella.

And stay tuned for more info about next month’s Gallery Night at hot*pop on April 17th. Word around the campfire is there might be a special guest in attendance that night.

I’d be a Smellephant,


Old Poop!