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…tonight on CBS. Check your local listings and all that jazz.

Also, a big congrats to Jorge on landing a leading role on the new J.J. Abrams project “Alcatraz.” Learn more about his next project here.

Keeping busy,


…on set at “How I Met Your Mother” right here.

Coming to your television on November 22nd,


…on his upcoming guest spot on “How I Met Your Mother.”

Learn more here.

Two in one week,


…that I wrote for “Variety” right here.

Bob Saget narrates my life,


Because if you don’t, you just missed Neil Patrick Harris saying, “I love this burger so much I wanna sew my ass shut.”

And now Regis Philbin just did a cameo and screamed, “Daddy needs his meat!”

Fucking. Awesome.

Am I a writer for that show?


Old Poop!