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And expensive… and smelly,


…and saw Oliver Quinn perform a few songs. Pretty great. You should check him out.

You should also check out the gigantic urinal in Bar Lubitsch’s men’s room if you ever get the chance. It’s enormous.

It’s seriously like peeing into an open refrigerator.

I did that once,


…which is a new show on ABC Family.

When I did a search for it on our DVR, seven matches were found:

1. “18 Huge Knockers Bottom-Shagged”

2. “Ahhh… It’s Huge 3”

3. “Huge”

4. “Huge Amateur Breasts”

5. “Huge Boobs at Work”

6. “It’s Huge! 7”

7. “Sixteen Huge Hooters Sucked & Bucked”

I’m sure ABC Family loves being in that company.

Still haven’t seen “It’s Huge! 6” yet,


Old Poop!