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…hire Ice Cream!

He’s a poet, a cartoonist, and a singer. All in one!

Ice Cream!

Unfortunately, he doesn’t look like ice cream… he looks better than ice cream!


He’s only free after 7PM,


…after a year of running Chickenhead as our school newspaper, a group of friends and I attempted to turn our little rag into a citywide, tabloid-sized, free publication in Columbus, Ohio.

We had no clue what in the hell we were doing.

None of us had any experience in publishing. We were all just weirdo art school graduates/students who had a desire to create a publication that we would actually want to read. We also had nothing to show (save for a few stapled-together, Xeroxed school issues) that would prove we could actually do the job.

No one had any reason to believe that we would actually deliver that first issue, but that didn’t stop us from going out and asking local patrons to support us by buying ad space.

One of the first people to give us a check was a young woman named Jeni Britton who ran a tiny ice cream stand in the North Market. Jeni supported us before we sent our first issue to print, and continued to support us during our entire time in Columbus.

After leaving Columbus in 2003, I had heard that Jeni was doing well for herself. She opened her own store on High Street in the Short North, and was even selling her ice cream at a few retailers in and around Columbus. Since then, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream has gone nationwide (including a New York Times best-selling cookbook and numerous Food Network appearances), but I still had yet to find any of her pints in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, I saw this at a Vons out in Calabasas…

Support Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream because 15 years ago she supported us.

…and a quick search revealed that Jeni is looking to open a shop in Los Feliz.

All of this makes me happy for three reasons. First, it brings a little bit of Columbus to L.A. Second, in my opinion, nobody deserves this type of success more than Jeni, a woman who supported a handful of goofy art kids when she had absolutely no reason to do so. And third, her ice cream is insanely, ridiculously delicious. For real.

Can’t wait to fill up our freezer,



Its vision is based on movement,


Scotchy Scotch Scotch

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan,


Learn more about Hannah here.

More than meets the eye… scream,


Or does this ice cream truck just have a shit-ton of them left?



Dress ’em in Dwellephant!

Dwellephant recently created artwork for a set of clothing for Milwaukee-based apparel company Heavy Rotation. He created five new designs for some toddler and infant apparel including t-shirts, rompers and “dress things.”

Check ’em out!








Old Poop!