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…AKA The Roach, AKA Neckbone Beth, AKA Mogadishu, AKA Manimal, AKA James Leigh, AKA The Tiny Ninja Hider, etc.

No matter which name you go by, you’ll always be my little sister.

Still adorable...

...after 34 years!

Love you!

Clearly, you’ve aged better than I have,


have you gotten your copy yet?

Order now,


Author James Leigh (sometimes known in other circles as my sister Bethany) just published her first novel titled The Interview.

Here’s a short blurb about the book:

For the last five years, Orson Dodd has left his house for only three reasons: the occasional run to the grocery store to stock up on baby food and laxatives, his monthly road trip to Reno for a few days of Texas Hold ‘Em, and to the city to indulge in his new hobby of going on job interviews while pretending to be someone else. His routine is broken, however, when he meets Grace, the receptionist at the company of his latest interview, and decides to lie his way into her heart.

The Interview is available for purchase now as both a paperback ($13.99) and as a digital download ($5.00). Get your copy here.

James has two more novels slated for release this year: Building 64 and Post Crash. Stay tuned for more information on both books.

Waiting for the mailman to bring my copy,


Old Poop!