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Tesus is the baby of Tebow and Jesus,


That’s all I could say after watching this:

Thanks to Marla for passing it along.

Makes me wish I owned a home,


…I kind of look like Jesus.

Yes, I’m really peeing,


…will you find Texas watermelons blessed by Jesus sold out of the back of a pickup truck.

Thanks to my dad for shooting this while on vacation,


I win,


…at a pizzeria last night:

I’m not sure why he has stigmata on one hand, or why the owners of the place decided to shove a sucker in his open wound, but no matter what the reason it’s still pretty awesome.

Do you think Jesus had candy in his wounds?

Jesus is sweet,


Stand by Jesus… on the cross,



…this would have been my statement to the world:

“Fuck all of you vultures. I owe you nothing. So what? I slept with some chicks. I’m more famous than God and have more money than Jesus; this is what people like me do. Deal with it. Get a fucking life, leave me the fuck alone, and go fuck yourself. Amen… to me.”

Sadly, he vag’d out and begged for forgiveness. Yawn.

More pussy than tiger,


Christ. This is turning into a death blog.

Actor David Carradine was found dead in a hotel room earlier today in Thailand. He was 72.

You know the routine:

Like Kane in “Kung Fu,”


Old Poop!