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We're gonna try and teach her how to dry dishes.

Thanks to Mirek and John for the gift,


…to catch Kevin Hart at the United Center on Saturday night.

Surprisingly, we landed third-row seats on the floor…

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…and a couple after-show party passes…

Definitely wasn't expecting that!

…with free food and booze! So we were, you know, pretty happy. Though you wouldn’t know it by the looks on our mugging faces.

Date night!

Thanks to John for making it all happen. (I know a few Johns, but the John I’m talking about knows who he is.)

Feeling spoiled,


…I was four years old. My Uncle John was twelve.

That same month, my parents took the both of us to Disney World. It was my first time at a Disney park, and John’s second time.

Yesterday, John and I visited a Disney park together for the first time in 32 years. This time it wasn’t Disney World (not much is), but Disneyland. Regardless, we revisited some old memories.

In 1981, my dad took a photo of us together on Main Street.

John & Justin: Disney World, May 1981

Yesterday, our friend took a photo of us together on Main Street.

John & Justin: Disneyland, July 2013

In 1981, my mom bought us ice cream bars in Tomorrowland.

John & Justin: Disney World, May 1981

Yesterday, I bought us ice cream bars in Tomorrowland.

John & Justin: Disneyland, July 2013

John still carries a purse,


Here’s the tenth installment of “Sketchbook,” a reoccurring section here on “The Blarg.” To learn more about “Sketchbook” and become involved yourself, click here.

The phrase for the tenth “Sketchbook” was: John.

Below are the submissions. Click on each image for a larger version of the art, and click on the artist’s name to visit their website.

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Thanks to everyone who participated! I’ll be sending out the next assignment soon.

Goddamn Dell computers,



Ralph Apel:

Sketchbook: "John" by Ralph Apel

Jenea Kaitaz:

Sketchbook: "John" by Jenea Kaitaz

Bill Hewitt:

Sketchbook: "John" by Bill Hewitt

Dave Sylvester:

Sketchbook: "John" by Dave Sylvester

Pauly Spooner:

Sketchbook: "John" by Pauly Spooner

John Steib:

Sketchbook: "John" by John Steib

Drew Linne:

Sketchbook: "John" by Drew Linne

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