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"The Shining" by Josh Cooley.

…for sending us this awesome Josh Cooley print inspired by The Shining!

We’ll love it forever… and ever… and ever,


…illustrated some classic movie scenes, re-imagining them as if they were pages out of a children’s storybook in his book Movies R Fun.

See more of Cooley’s images here.

Want to pick up a copy? Yeah, me too. Sadly, they’re sold out.


Hoping for another print run,


The folks over at Pixar just released a new short from “Up” titled “George & A.J.” The cartoon follows the two Shady Oaks Retirement Community employees after Carl Fredricksen’s house takes off.

The cartoon isn’t done in the slick CG animation you’re used to seeing from Pixar, but it’s still a fun little short to sidetrack you from all of that boring work you should be doing.

It was written and directed by Pixar’s Josh Cooley.

Here you go:

Justin Shady Oaks,



Old Poop!