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They're the tall ones underneath the giant one.

…for stopping by on their way back to Ohio!

That thing just walked into the frame at the last second,


Oh, hi, Mark... and Julius.

…Metcalf for stopping by (via Missoula via Milwaukee on their way to Columbus)!

 Friends for over a decade now,


Grey meets Mark, Julius and Libby!

…who were in town visiting from Missoula/Milwaukee!

They turned¬†her into a lion… but more on that later,


…about a conversation he had at a Christmas party a couple weeks back.

I wasn’t there, but the only set-up you need to know is this: Our friend Mark brought his 14-year-old son Julius to the party, and at one point the curious kid asked Jocco what a vagina looks like.

And now, the email:

I forget what we were talking about, but a bunch of us were sitting in Marla’s living room (Steve, Laura, Tiggins, Scott, Julius and Mark) when, out of nowhere, Julius asked what a vagina looks like.

I looked at Mark and asked if it was okay. He said it was, so then I asked Julius if he had ever been to a Taco Bell before. You should have seen his expression.

What followed was one of the funniest group conversations I can remember. At one point, he asked how you stick the penis into the vagina, because he couldn’t tell from the technical drawings they show in health class.

At some point, the vagina was compared to the Sarlacc Pit from “Return of the Jedi,” and I told him never to stick his penis in one because it had teeth and would bite his dick off. As if that wasn’t awkward enough, he then wanted to know what a clitoris was and where he could find it.

After telling him it was the CG beak that Lucas added to the Pit in the Special Edition, I gave him the clinical description of how it forms and how, essentially, a clitoris is a little penis. That’s when Denise looked at me totally disgusted and deemed my clitoris knowledge incorrect.

That’s kind of the abridged version. I thought Mark was upset about it but he brought it up again at his party last night. I think my mom would have turned to stone if I even SAID “clitoris” when I was that age.

See what you miss when you move to La-La Land?

– Jocco


Old Poop!