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…for a whole lot of reasons.

Not only are they great friends, but KB and I were also fortunate enough to have them shoot our wedding last month.

Check out a few of the photos here.

If you live in the Milwaukee/Chicago area (or if you’re willing to pay for travel wherever you are) and are looking for photographers, we couldn’t recommend them any higher.

They’re the best,


…you may have seen this photo of Dwellephant and me at the back of the book:

"Missing the Boat" creators

It’s our “about the author and illustrator” image. It was taken by our good friend (and also great photographer) Kat Berger. You can visit her website here.

I recently came across the disc of images from that photo shoot, and as I was flipping through the photos I remembered how hard it was for us to pick a favorite. So rather than let these images get buried in a CD booklet for the next fifty years or so (if I’m lucky), I’ve decided to share a few of them with you.

Neither Dwellephant nor I had any specific goal going into this shoot, other than the idea that we wanted my dog, Mr. Fabulous, in the photo with us. Out of the fifty-plus images that Kat shot, only three of them were “jumping” shots; of those three, I was fully in the air in only one of them.

The image above is the Dwellephant-doctored photo we used for the book. The following photo is the original before Dwellephant got his hands on it:

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

And here are a few of the more interesting shots from the shoot. Click on each image to view a larger version.

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Thanks again to Kat for doing the shoot! I can’t believe that was over a year ago.

New photos of Shady and Dwellephant unearthed,


Or at least that’s what I’m being told.

Lemme bring you up to speed:

I wrote a little all-ages book called “Missing the Boat” that Image/Shadowline/Silverline is publishing. This 88-page full-color beauty was drawn by the super-talented Serbian monster Dwellephant! And the best part?!? The best part, my friends, is that this book is in stores today!

Don’t have a copy? Call up your local indie bookshop and order one.

Don’t have any legs to get to said local indie bookshop? Visit here and order one.

Want me to sign your book? Awesome, because I totally want to sign it! Unfortunately, I don’t have my copies yet, so you’ll have to wait!

Want to play a fun online game? Click here for Puzzle Farter!

Dwellephant and I worked hard on this book for months, and I’m so happy and proud (and relieved) that it’s finally out. Now I just hope it sells a million copies so I can finally pay off my school loans.

Or I hope it sells at least ten copies.

I need a life bailout,


PS: Check out the cover for the book here:

"Missing the Boat" cover

And our awesome “About the Author & Artist” photo here:

"Missing the Boat" creators

Special thanks to Kat Berger for taking the photo.

Old Poop!