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Inception (Warner Bros.)

1. Writer/director Christopher Nolan gets back to his “Memento” roots with a story that is so layered and complex it leaves audiences thinking, “Whoa… wait… what?” This is a welcomed change from Hollywood, especially if you find yourself getting frustrated with watered-down movies that only appeal to the lowest common denominator.

2. It’s visually stunning/ridiculous. The earth folds like a taco! They hop around in space like Buzz Aldrin! They mess with interiors like M.C. Escher… only cool! I’m typically not impressed with visuals because, let’s admit it, they can do anything nowadays. But even with that being said, it’s still pretty goddamn amazing.

3. Great supporting cast. Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page are good as the film’s leads, but the real stars are the actors portraying the secondary characters: Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Tom Hardy; Ken Watanabe; and Cillian Murphy. Also, Marion Cotillard offers a performance that’s unlike anything she’s done before.

4. If the major film studios are going to learn anything from the success of “Inception” it should be this: END MORE MOVIES LIKE THIS.

5. It will probably get a handful of Oscar nods (writer, director, and possibly a couple of supporting role nominations) but it will more than likely walk away only with a few technical wins, which it more than deserves. And I know my good friend Ralph hates Hans Zimmer, but his score was pretty fantastic; it will definitely get him at least a nomination if not a win. Sorry, Ralph.



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