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Seems rather blatant, doesn't it?

Totally signing up our niece and nephew,


…because on the day I interviewed Cee-Lo Green for this article, I was fortunate enough to have a few drinks with him at a bar later that night.

I have no proof that any of this actually took place other than this one photo I shot with my phone. A kid came up and asked for an autograph… which Cee-Lo gladly gave him while using him as a table.

Then again, I’m not really in the photo so I could be lying. Or am I?!?

I know it’s real,


…people who help Asians? Or Asians who help people, like that Wilderness Explorer kid in “Up”?

Just curious,


Why? Because of this.

Way to go, Will Phillips! Keep on keeping on!

Everyone should refuse to pay their taxes until anyone can marry,


Old Poop!