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The 2020 Krampus ornament by Dr. FrankenBecky!

…created by Dr. FrankenBecky in the UK!

Last year’s Krampus,


It's our 2019 annual Krampus ornament!

…from OddLikeUs came a day after Christmas (totally our fault as we ordered it late this year), but it’s still gonna hang on the tree for a few more days.

Number six,


…have all been captured by Krampus!

Despite all our rage...

...we are still just trapped in Krampus' cage!

Grey’s come a long way since her first encounter,


From Yvonne Laube Designs! Dig it!

The 2018 Krampus ornament!

It’s a great addition to our growing Krampus ornament collection.

Also this year, we decided to start a new tradition where we buy each of the kids a monster/creature ornament. This year, we chose to start with the Yeti (AKA Abominable Snowman).

Grey’s ornament comes from Art of Melodious:

Grey's 2018 Yeti ornament!

And West’s from Red Marionette:

West's 2018 Yeti ornament!

Maybe next year’s monster will be Chupacabra! Or Cthulhu! Or Trump!

Five Krampus ornaments strong,


NOT our holiday card.

He’s finally even with Grey,


More Krampus on the tree!

…for this amazing Krampus ornament!

Our tree is slowly becoming a Krampsmas tree,


…is on the tree!

The 2017 Krampus ornament!

It was made by Professional Dreamer Studios out of Janesville, Wisconsin. Check out their Wondercaravan Etsy shop here.

Three and counting,


I'd like my flask back!

If any year has ever called for a flask, 2016 is the year.

Thanks to Beth for the gift,


Here’s 2016’s ornament!

Grey's 2016 Krampus ornament from Wenn's Weird Creations.

It was made by Wenn’s Weird Creations out of Millerstown, Pennsylvania. Check out more of their weird creations here.

Last year’s (and Grey’s first) Krampus ornament,


Her first Christmas ornament?

Tranifer Lovely's Wonky Critters Krampus Christmas ornament!

It was a very Krampus Christmas,


Old Poop!