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…proposed to K.B. Specifically, in a car parked in front of an L.A. Fitness gym.

L.A. proposal spot!

And that other spot in L.A. where I carved our initials into freshly poured sidewalk cement. Specifically, in front of our first apartment at 8635 Cashio Street.

L.A. carved concrete spot!

They’re both still there,



…and was even more fortunate to hang with these folks while there.

L.A. friends!

More L.A. friends!

And even more L.A. friends!

I miss those kids,


What a fuckhole.

…nothing more to see here, so keep on moving.

Perfect example of what I loathe about this town,


Just call me "L.A. Shady."

…I’ll always be “Justin Shady (LA).”

She’ll always be “Eve (Singapore via Berlin and LA)” to me,


A few weeks ago I wrote this post about Dwellephant’s art showing up in an advertisement in “ESPN” magazine.

Last week, I saw that same advertisement on a billboard here in Los Angeles.

Pulled over on the side of the highway,