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It's a delic-ASS-y!

But if you miss out on that delicious ass, be sure to grab those yummy ears.

What's that? Come again?

There was also a butter lamb,


KB and I went to the POVevolving Gallery last night for the group exhibition “Modern Primitives.”

We saw some art, like this wood-cut piece from Stash:

And this piece from Bigfoot:

And these two pieces from Mel Kadel:

We then hit up a place we’d been meaning to get to for awhile now: Philippe’s French Dip Restaurant.

KB got the lamb dip:

I got the beef dip:

It was super-yummy and cheap (for Los Angeles). Philippe’s has been around forever and my Aunt Teri has been trying to get us to go there ever since we moved here.

One more restaurant down, Teri! Four million left to go!

Wishing I had leftovers,


Old Poop!