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…featuring the city of Los Angeles at the start of World War II. Check out these ninety, newly-found photos from the famous photographer here.

More life than a landscape,


…is a fantastic painter. He also happens to be making a push to drum up some new work, including both freelance and commissions.

He’s great at landscapes and plein air work:

Carl Bork plein air painting

Carl Bork landscape painting

And equally as awesome at portraiture, including these two pieces of his wife Karen Watkins and our mutual friend Marla Campbell, respectively:

Carl Bork portrait painting

Carl Bork figure painting

Here’s a self-portrait he did looking all Abraham Lincoln-y:

Carl Bork self-portrait painting

He even did a portrait of yours truly a few years back:

Carl Bork portrait painting

So instead of buying some mass-produced wall garbage from Target and hanging it in your dining room, contact Carl through his website here and see about getting yourself some real one-of-a-kind artwork.

I want Carl to paint me as Nixon,


Old Poop!