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Cedric the Entertainer + Ricky Gervais = Weirdest Sex Tape Ever

Not to be confused with the Entertainer,


He said we could pose doing something masculine. I told him I wasn't interested in being masculine.

…unless you get your photo taken with a man wearing a diaper and dressed as cupid. If that happens in Vegas, you must share it with the rest of the world.

He smelled like baby powder,


Vegas knuckleheads!

…sometimes known as Erik Rose and Matt Averhoff.

A better time could not have been had.

More later,


Walt, Jr. on Fremont Street!

…that we saw Walt, Jr. (R.J. Mitte) on Fremont Street!

Latta spotted him,


With Latta! In Vegas!

…even if we did have to sleep in the same bed together.

Just like the old days,



Especially to have it at a Walgreens at 1AM on the Vegas Strip,


You buy gas from THERE?!? It's TERRIBLE'S!

…but I’m assuming the name says it all.

Gonna open my own station next-door and call it Horrible’s,


Zzyzx Road!

…is this street.

I’m pretty sure a Polish person named that,


…as told in eighteen photos!

(Note: These were all shot with my phone so they’re kind of crappy.)

View from our room at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon!

KB ready to get her gamble on!

Christian Slater and Slash playing poker!

KB about to get mauled by a gigantic tiger!

Siegfried, Roy… and tiger!

I met The Rock on The Strip!

This gorilla punched KB in the face!

David’s junk!

The Disco Horse loves Dale Chihuly!

More tigers!

Bellagio water sports!


Lions sleeping above us!

KB winning!

KB winning again!

Vegas Vic on Fremont Street!

Us being tourists looking at other tourists being touristy!

Heading back home!

I took many more photos than that,


Look for my Twitter and Twitpic updates from Sin City!

Know when to hold ’em,


Old Poop!