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So good.

For those who don’t know:

Thanks to Dwellephant for pointing it out.

You lying piece of sack of shit slut trash can scumish dirt bag… BITCH,


…but I’m flattered that a few of you thought it was during last night’s Emmys.

My name will be up there someday soon,


…with five television appearances! Be sure to check him out on:

Guest on “The View” (ABC) and “Lopez Tonight” (TBS)
“Lost” (ABC… duh.)

Special “Lost” episode of “Dinner: Impossible” (Food Network)*
*With a possible appearance by Bethany!

Guest on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (NBC)

Definitely busier than my week,


…will join The Roots tonight as a special musical guest on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Dig it! I love the Brother!

The only reason to sit through Jimmy Fallon,


Q-Tip's "Kamaal the Abstract"

After nearly a decade of waiting (no, seriously, a decade), the new studio album from Q-Tip has been released!

Originally recorded in 2001, “Kamaal the Abstract” (then titled “Abstractions”) was set for release on Arista/BMG Records in April 2002. Unfortunately, a bunch of suits decided not to release the album because they felt it had no commercial appeal.

Of course, it’s a huge shock that money men don’t know a thing about art. I mean, after all, we’re talking about Arista Records here! The people who signed… Milli Vanilli. Ahem.

But I digress….

After being shelved by Arista, the album took on a vibe of legendary mystery, as if it were Bigfoot or El Chupacabra. There was word it was being rerecorded… or remixed… or remastered. Some file-sharers even caught a few glimpses of the album when a handful of tracks mysteriously made their way onto the Internet. But then, after awhile… nothing.

The original buzz for this album began over eight years ago, back when I was living in Columbus and had more hair. And now, finally, that anticipation is justified. Thanks to the smart-minded business folks at Jive Records’ Battery imprint, we now have Q-Tip’s third full-length album (which actually would have been his second full-length album had Arista been smart enough to release it).

After eight years, my review is simple: It was worth the wait.

I could bore you with details, but instead I give you this: Q performing the track “Barely In Love” with The Roots last night on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

If that doesn’t make you run out and pick this up, nothing will.

That’s the scenario,



Featuring photos of:

The “Lost” panel!

The "Lost" panel

Freddie Highmore!

Freddie Highmore

And blacknanas!


Click here to see all of the pics!

Smells like melted butter around here,


…tonight on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and tomorrow morning on… wait for it… “The View!”

Until then, get fired up for tomorrow night’s season finale! I know I am!

Elisabeth Hasselblech,


Old Poop!