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…comes two new CDs from musician Nelson Heise.

The music of Nelson Heise

On the first CD, “Ashes Of Bridges”, Heise is one member of the trio The Hit & Mrs. On the other, he tries his hand at a solo offering under the name Jebediah Goodthrust. And, years ago, Nelson served as front man of the band Munkey Juice.

Confused? Good, because so am I.

Still, maybe we can thank Heise’s multiple personality disorder for the solid storytelling and interesting arrangements that come out in his music.

With each new project, Nelson appears to become more subtle, concentrating more on the role of singer/songwriter than that of your standard lead singer/guitarist.

“Ashes Of Bridges” is a more stripped-down punk version of the disc that came before it, 2007’s rock/alt-country full-length “Buried In The Backyard Of My Heart.” And “Jebediah Goodthrust” is even leaner in its tone, giving listeners what may be Heise’s most serious offering to date.

Of course, the whole idea of Jebediah Goodthrust came from a Halloween costume that Heise created of an Amish rock/porn star, so what the fuck do I know about how “serious” he is or isn’t trying to be?

Regardless, it’s been interesting to hear the evolution of his sound over the span of numerous projects. Just don’t be surprised when his next band turns out to be some alien hillbilly/titty-rock hybrid.

Click here to learn more about The Hit & Mrs., and here to learn more about Jebediah Goodthrust.

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