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Sitting alone at the kitchen table in Los Angeles,


…right here:

Dear friends,

On September 26th, Typhoon Ondoy devastated Metro Manila. In the course of 12 hours, it dumped 16 inches of rain all over the Philippine capital.

Three days later, the death toll (now over 140) is steadily rising, as are the number of displaced people (about 400,000).

Whole houses are underwater, people are stranded on rooftops, and the Philippine government is ill-equipped to deal with the disaster.

Rescue operations are still going on, so if you want to help, Google has put together a comprehensive list of relief efforts here.

I don’t think a lot of people realize how terrible the situation is right now, so if you just forward the links and let people know that there is something you can do to help–donate to Red Cross, send relief goods, etc.–it would make a huge difference.

Peace and love,




…from our trip to Prague last year.

It’s really brief, but I’m drinking rainwater that is dripping out of a water spout from the top of Prague Castle.

The spout looked like a gargoyle with the water coming out of its mouth, so it looked like a spitting gargoyle. Hence, the “spargoyle” part of the post.

Better than a “shargoyle,”


…about a month ago, and I asked her to bring me back some foreign currency because I usually dig the art on the bills.

She brought me back this:

2,000 Vietnamese dongs

Here in America, we have dollars. In Vietnam, they have dongs. One U.S. dollar is worth approximately 17,000 Vietnamese dongs, so this 2,000 dong mark is worth only about eleven cents.

That last paragraph was the best thing I’ve ever written.

But the best part is what’s printed on the bill. If you look closely, it says “HAI NGHIN DONG.”

Heh. Hahaha! AWESOME!

Thanks, Lille!

If anyone out there wants to send me foreign currency (low denominations, obviously) I’d consider it an honor to make fun of your money here on “The Blarg.”

Send money to:

8635 Cashio Street, #10
Los Angeles, CA

Just me and my Vietnamese hanging dong,


…all the way from the Philippines.

Today, just before she left work, my girlfriend IM’d me this:

lucky_girlfriend (6:56:44 PM): Leaving in a minute. Gonna stop by the pet store on my way home.

lucky_girlfriend (6:57:17 PM): Do we have enough canned cat food for Lille?

lucky_girlfriend (6:58:05 PM): I’ll just grab a couple of cans.

I know the whole thing about Filipinos eating cats and dogs is supposed to be funny, but that’s just mean!

Then again, Lille is staying here and watching our cat, Meatshake, next week while we’re out of town. Maybe that’s what my girlfriend meant. Hmmm….

Nah! You just rude, girl!

Lille actually eats dog food,


…and my good friend Lilledeshan watched my house and my dog, Mr. Fabulous, while I was away.

She also managed to perform a few musical numbers in my kitchen.



Old Poop!