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…are these five albums:

1) Feathers’ “Synchromy”

2) Fitz & The Tantrums’ “Songs For A Break Up: Volume 1″

3) Various Artists “Urban Revolutions: The Future Primitive Sound Collective”

4) DJ Cam’s “Mad Blunted Jazz: Disc One”

5) Victor Bermon’s “Arriving At Midnight”

You know the drill.

Blindly picking,


PS: I write these posts mainly because I’m honestly interested in hearing what other music people are listening to. If I come across something that sounds cool, or if it’s something I’m not familiar with, I do seek it out. So please, spread your musical knowledge. This is how new favorite bands and albums are discovered.

…are these five albums:

1) Ween’s “White Pepper”

2) Charlie Haden’s “Nocturne″

3) Vic Ruggiero’s “Understanding New Jersey/Living In Sin”

4) Boss Hog’s “Whiteout”

5) The Chemical Brothers’ “Brother’s Gonna Work It Out”

And today you’re listening to…?

A lot of “white” lately,


…are these five albums:

1) Disc Two Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ “White Lunar”

2) DJ Shadow’s “The Outsider″

3) Nirvana’s “Sliver: The Best of the Box”

4) Prodigy’s “The Fat of the Land”

5) The White Stripes’ “De Stijl”

And you?

Rocking it,


…are these five albums:

1) Disc One of Bob Marley’s “Songs of Freedom” four-CD collection

2) Charlie Parker’s “Yardbird Suite: Volume 2”

3) Radiohead’s “Kid A”

4) Nina Simone’s “Nina Simone Sings the Blues”

5) That Handsome Devil’s “That Handsome Devil”

What are you folks listening to?

Working it,


Old Poop!