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…visited a few weeks ago, and he brought me a gift.

Loren! And a new Shady sweatshirt!

A new Shady sweatshirt to replace my old ruined one!

Believe it or not, Loren came across this sweatshirt at Goodwill. So awesome.

Thanks for extending the Shady sweatshirt legacy with your generous gift, Loren.

He can come to Food Night anytime,


…including these two prints by Berlin artist Dirk Verschure

Dirk Verschure!

the painting of our three beasts by our good friend Jason “McFly” Kincaid

Three beasts by Jason "McFly" Kincaid!

…our good friend Marla Campbell’s original portraits of Mr. Fabulous…

Mr. Fabulous by Marla Campbell!


Meatshake by Marla Campbell!

…and Heisenberg…

Heisenberg by Marla Campbell!

…this “Being Bill Murray” print by Spain-based illustrator Loren

"Being Bill Murray" by Loren!

…this Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog print by Austin-based artist(s) We Call Ourselves An Institute

Jim and Kermit by We Call Ourselves An Institute!

…this print from Hungarian artist Aman


…and finally, this original pen and ink illustration that also created by our good friend Marla Campbell.

Marla Campbell!

Needless to say, our walls are quickly filling up.

Fifty (give or take) more pieces to go,


Beer schwag from Loren!

…for sending me another sweet package of beer schwag!

Included were two pint glasses (Farewell Milwaukee, Surly Brewing Co.), a sticker and coaster from Surly, and another coaster from Steel Toe Brewing.

Thanks, Loren! The glasses have officially joined the collection!

Encouraging others to steal,


…for sending me these two coasters.

First, this show promotion for the Minneapolis band Farewell Milwaukee.

Coasters from Loren!

And second, this sweetly bearded guy from Dangerous Man Brewing Company…

Coasters from Loren!

…which also features a great T. E. Lawrence quote on the back.

Coasters from Loren!

Thanks, Loren! Come visit and we’ll put these things to good use!

Have a beer sitting on one right now,


Old Poop!