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"Backstory": Issue 25

…by Backstory magazine.

While most of the piece is about my most recent spec script—Saving Charlie Chaplin—making last year’s Black List, the article also dips into how I got into this insane industry in the first place, as well as mentioning some upcoming projects.

Backstory is an iPad-exclusive magazine, so you’ll first need to download their app. Then, you’ll need to purchase Issue 25 (the one with Jackie on the cover) and look for the feature Blacklist Tales: Saving Charlie Chaplin.

You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see this big scary mug staring at you:

"Blacklist Tales: Saving Charlie Chaplin"

Thanks to Backstory and Danny Munso for the awesome opportunity.

Already started on my new spec,



Print wasn’t enough, so they put her up on their Instagram page!

That’s more likes than I ever got,


Giant Robot

…and my answer is always twofold.

First, on our end of things (the creatives who were actually putting the magazine/website together), life happened. We got jobs, we got married, we had kids, etc. Understandably, these things tend to happen as you get older, and I hold onto no resentment because of it.

But on the other side of things, Tastes Like Chicken was done in by big business. Specifically, a group of shady-as-fuck distributors we had trusted. Even more specifically, Tower Records (though, in my humble opinion, they’re all garbage). For these companies, I still hold onto an extreme amount of animosity.

In layman’s terms, we got fucked by these businesses. Sadly, we weren’t alone.

Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot fame felt that same sting. Read more about his experience here.

Today I’d self-distribute,


KB's first "Chicago" cover!

She's the new hire!

Or at least it’s officially in print.

Congrats, KB!

Now we just need a house,


The cover looks like this!

The Grey looks like this!

Ten days old and already in print,



…that looks like a poster for a Japanese horror movie.

Gluten-free and ghost-full,


…so if you’re able to read Spanish, check it out!

Check out the issue’s outline here, then hop on over here and download the entire issue in PDF format. My interview appears on pages 23-25.

Busting out the Rosetta Stone,


Awesome! I didn’t even know about it until we saw it on a store shelf!

Fuck Bieber for ruining a perfectly good name,


Dig the whole story here!

I’m the proud balding brother,


Old Poop!