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Miracle berries!

…with a few packets of “miracle berries” (Synsepalum dulcificum)…

They rock your taste buds!

…that alter the way your taste buds work, causing sour foods to taste sweet.

My own private island!

Also, I now apparently own a square foot of property on a private island (called Hawaii 2) located in St. George Lake, Maine. If anyone ever wants to stay on my square foot of land just let me know. I’ll email you the exact coordinates.

Thanks again to Erik and Robyn for this awesomely odd gift!

Off to eat some raw lemons,


Wisconsin stayed blue.

Tammy Baldwin beat Tommy Thompson.

And gay marriage got a nice boost from voters in Maine, Maryland and Minnesota.

Although, we also took this photo just in case none of the above happened.

Four more years,


I first told you about this. Three months after that, this happened. And then, like clockwork, this happened.

And now, these:

Thanks to Denise and Joe for the awesome gift that kept on giving all year long.

And then there were none,


I first told you about this. Three months after that, this happened.

And now, while we were back home last week, we got these:

One more shipment to go,


…thanks to all you morons who voted for bigotry yesterday.

To you, I pass along this message that I wrote to all the Californian bigots a few months back. I’d write you your own post, but you’re not worth the time.

The 51st State of America is the State of Idiocy,


Old Poop!