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…from “The Los Angeles Times.”

First, this article and video featuring a “Lost” tour of the island. Also be sure to check out this photo gallery of the island tour.

Next up, check out this article about wrapping up the show. Finally, get your interactive on with this map that features shooting locations around Hawaii.

Heading to Hawaii one last time,


A few weeks ago, in the lobby of the Variety Building on Wilshire, artists created enormous sculptures out of nothing more than canned food.

The sculptures were created for a fundraiser (though I can’t remember for which organization) to raise hunger awareness in the community. There were Munny dolls, melting ice cream cones, pumpkins, and even a Wild Thing or two. (No, not Tone Loc… though that would have been awesome.)

I took some shots while I was there. Click on each image to view a larger version.

Edible art,


Old Poop!