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You know I’m a huge fan of the Dancing Weatherman here in L.A., but Jim Kosek from is by far the best weatherman on the face of the planet.

Witness the beauty here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sorry, Mark Thompson,


I’ve never seen a weatherman dance to Prince’s “Erotic City” and then talk about throwing feces… until today.

You either got it or you don’t,



Last December I wrote this post about Los Angeles’ amazing dancing weather man, Mark Thompson.

Since then I’ve found myself DVRing quite a few of Mark’s on-air “performances” because they’re just too goddamn good not to share with the rest of the world.

In addition to being the voice-over talent for a few of those “When Terrible Shit Happens While The Camera Rolls” television shows, Mark is also the host of the game show “Hole in the Wall.” But nothing on his resume compares to his oh-so-sweet dance moves.

All you need to know is this: Giving viewers a rundown of the weather is the last thing on Mark’s mind; shaking his money maker, however, couldn’t be more important.

Exactly the way local news should be.

So enjoy these few clips from the past few months, and definitely keep an eye out for my favorite one where he counts along with a song in Spanish. It’s the second from the last clip.

The quality on these isn’t the best, but Mark doesn’t need no HDTV to shine!

Uno! Dos! Tres!


Old Poop!