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Scary and delicious!

Halloween costume: done,


I know who I'm NOT going as for Halloween this year.

Looks more like Colonel Sanders,


Would you like to play a game...

No, really. I just had to.


You would’ve done it, too,


Leonardo? Raphael? Michel-- ah, fuck it!

Barely even looks like a teenager,


Reich or treat!

One and the same if you asked me,


Looks pretty convincing to me.

Just saying,


Ebola! Now with Disney characters!

Actually really disturbed that exists,


Bryan Cranston as Bryan Cranston.

For real.

Can’t wait for August 11th,


…to take a photo of Mr. Fabulous in a lucha libre mask.

Señor Fabuloso!

Sunday’s a success,


Back in October 2003, “Tastes Like Chicken” ran a cover story called “IT’S A ‘MASK’ MASK!” The cover featured an illustration of a Rocky Dennis Halloween mask as drawn by Staff Member #716. You can check out the cover here.

A couple days ago I received this email from an old “TLC” reader:

I wanted to share this: I got the Rocky Dennis Halloween mask tattooed on my calf last night. Thanks for the inspiration!

– Rocky McCahan

This photo was attached:

Yesterday, he sent me a link to this video:

Rocky McCahan, you’re my inspiration.

“TLC” lives on,


Old Poop!