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Could you be more specific?

These are the kind of gems I find late at night,


…who last week treated me to some awesome¬†VIP treatment.

Very important pass.

We drank a few beers as we enjoyed Dem Atlas…

Dem Atlas!

…Brother Ali…

Brother Ali!

…and Slug and Ant of Atmosphere.

Atmosphere's Slug!

Ali even joined the fellas for a track or two.

Slug and Brother Ali!

Thanks again for the great night, EmJo!

The night ended, as it often does, at McDonald’s,



That’ll always be my Hamburglar,


Never tried it even once.

…the McRib is back.

In related news, my diarrhea is back,


Everything has nice signage.

I cheated… that was actually Salzburg,


right here!

Because the 15-second version was only half as good,


…appears in a new fifteen-second McDonald’s commercial.

Check it out here.

I’m loving Theune,


…but when we were at Disneyland on Sunday we saw a lot of people walking around wearing this hat.

My good friend Ralph made the comment that it looks like Grimace’s erection.

Ummm… yep.

Supersized… with glitter,


…that we love the bearded headbobber:



Old Poop!