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In so many ways, to be honest. But one of the most blatant oddities of Los Angeles is its local news scene.

It’s so bizarre, in fact, that I’ve been DVRing the local news every time I see something unbelievable. The next steps are to record it off the TV, post it on YouTube, and finally place it here for you, dear reader, because this is local news you have to see to believe.

Of course, all local news sucks no matter which city it originates from. But only in L.A. will you find a reporter interviewing Barney about how he foiled a bus-jacking in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater:

And only in the City of Angels will a meteorologist suddenly burst into dance during the middle of a newscast because they happen to be playing Estelle’s “American Boy” in the studio:

Oh, yes… L.A.

Like most of my ex-girlfriends, you’re so fucking mental, I kinda love you.

Stay tuned for more.

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