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“Happy-Go-Lucky” (Miramax Films)

1. Before we even popped the DVD into the player, this movie was described to me as being a “…genuine feelgood movie where nothing bad happens.” I decided to watch it anyway. Still, that description was pretty accurate. “Happy-Go-Lucky” is exactly that: a warm and fuzzy tale about Poppy (played by actress Sally Hawkins), a giggling cutie who floats through life (and the movie) laughing at just about everything.

2. You’d think the happy shtick would get old but, amazingly, it doesn’t. Sure, there might be a few points in the movie where you can’t decide whether you want to hug or smother Poppy, but mostly the film is everything life isn’t: fair, lighthearted and easy. It’s a nice break from reality.

3. It’s kind of like “Amelie” on crack and with a smaller budget.

4. I know there’s been some talk about Hawkins getting an Oscar nod–and don’t get me wrong, she was good–but far more impressive to me was the movie’s brilliant supporting cast. Keep an eye peeled for actress Karina Fernandez as a jilted Flamenco teacher, and (the true Oscar-worthy performer in the movie) actor Eddie Marsan as Scott, the crazy-as-fuck driving instructor. When it comes to the Supporting Actor category, I think Marsan and Michael Shannon from “Revolutionary Road” should be duking it out for the top slot. That is, if Heath Ledger’s Joker performance completely gets the shaft.

5. It’s a great date movie. If you’re a guy with a new girl, take her and show her how “intune” you are with indie chick flicks. And if you’re a girl with a new guy, take him so he can see just how crazy women really can be. Because no matter how goofballs you might get, you’re bush league when compared to Poppy’s nuttiness.



“Revolutionary Road” (DreamWorks)

1. Not only is actor Michael Shannon the best part of the movie, but the character he portrays, John Givings, is the only person who makes any sense in the film. Did I mention he plays the role of a hospitalized lunatic?

RATING: 110 minutes of “eh,” and 10 minutes of Michael Shannon

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