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…right here. Thing is, it’s Christmas and I have family in town, so these will be short.

1. Dylan Connor “Breakaway Republic” – The backstory on Dylan Connor’s press release talks about how, while at Burning Man in 2004, he took off all his clothes and wandered the grounds “singing songs for anyone who needed the gift of music.” As if that weren’t enough to make me never listen to this disc again, the eleven tracks of trite indie pop-rock it contains is.

2. Miniature Tigers “Tell It To The Volcano” – This Phoenix-based duo has created a debut album of pop tunes that I just don’t get, which means my friend Lille will more than likely love it. If I’m right, it means Miniature Tigers will soon grace the cover of “Spin,” and the disc’s one radio hit will be playing in heavy rotation in every Urban Outfitters by year’s end. Mark my words: If I don’t like it, it’s only a matter of time before everyone else does.


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