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It's a birfday mixtape from Tiggins!

…made me an old-school mixtape for my birthday last September.

It took me awhile to find and dig out a player, but I was finally able to listen to the tape earlier today!

Thanks for the mix, Tiggins! There’s a lot of great music on there, and I found myself becoming nostalgic for that old tape “hiss” sound.

I think we’re officially going steady now,


…featuring Talib Kweli, right here.

Learn more about Blaqstarr, and his upcoming mixtape, here.

If that track is any indication of what’s to come, I’m excited,


…titled “The Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season Pho (4!)” It’s a 22-track digital release and is less than five bucks!

So if you’re a Lyrics Born fan and are looking for some new music at a cheap price, click here.

If you’re not familiar with Lyrics Born, here’s a track for “Callin’ Out”:

As well as this awesome track he did with Rjd2 and Diverse called “Explosive”:

Callin’ out,



Old Poop!