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"MKE" babies: Grey & Kaya!

"MKE" babies: Grey & Kaya!

Grey looks like she could eat Kaya,



Now I want a Fresca,


…after we got back from our trip back home for the holidays.

I hit the jackpot toward the end of last year! Look at all this sweet swag I got!

I got new stickers (including two Classic Slice Pizza stickers by Dwellephant)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…a sweet-ass MKE coffee cup (plus a print and a bag of coffee) from Stone Creek Coffee (Thanks, Milan and Dori!)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…a Dwellephant Mucca Pazza print…

Merry Christmas to me!

…a new Milwaukee Brewing Co. pint glass (Thanks, Tiggins!)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…an iron and devilish Krampus “ornament” (Thanks, Sean!)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…and KB and I returned home to find gifts from our good friends Mark and Julius (who were staying at our place while we were out of town), including this print from Montana-based photographer Juan de Santa Anna…

Merry Christmas to me!

…and three jars of artisan jams from Oregon.

Merry Christmas to me!

We also returned home to find boxes of Muth’s Candy Modjeskas and Kentucky Bourbons waiting for us (Thanks, Lattas!)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…and this scented candle in an old Wilhelm Scream beer bottle and a few Poo Pourri samples (Thanks, Jamie and Dave!).

Merry Christmas to me!

Thanks for the gifts, everyone! And sorry for the delay in giving thanks.

At least I posted it before Easter,


It's back.

As fate would have it, last week, KB blindly picked it during a holiday party’s white elephant gift exchange.

It’s now hanging in our living room… behind our front door,


…I know this video is a couple years old now, but it still makes me excited to get back home in a few days.

It’s been six months,


Sylvan Esso + MKE = Goodness

It was co-directed by Timm Gable and Bob Purvis (whom KB and I know from back in her MKE days), and was filmed mostly in Bay View and Riverwest.

For my fellow Milwaukeeans, look for a few Brew City nods including a WMSE sweatshirt, Fuel Cafe, and some Kpolly artwork. Dig it!

Glimpses of home,


Sweet sticker schwag from Dwellephant!

…for the sweetest stash of sticker schwag ever!

Also included were two beer koozies from Comet Cafe in MKE.

Best package ever,


…got me a set of pint glasses from Milwaukee Brewing Co. last Christmas.

Milwaukee Brewing Co. pint glasses from Tiggins!

All four glasses feature Milwaukee’s cityscape, but each individual pint has its own unique feature. This one features the city’s iconic Allen-Bradley clock tower.

Milwaukee's cityscape with the Allen-Bradley clock.

On this one, the Allen-Bradley clock has been replaced with the (now demolished) Sydney Hih building.

Milwaukee's cityscape with the Sydney Hih building.

The Sasquash (from a seasonal brew of the same name) shows up on this one…

I see a Sasquash!

…and the last one features something the city of Milwaukee is all too familiar with.


Thanks for adding to my pint glass collection, Tiggins!

Learn more about Milwaukee Brewing Co. here.

Now they just need some beer in them,


The new tattoo!

I almost forgot to post this!

Back in December, I got my fourth tattoo. I had been thinking about getting this one for years now, so when KB got me a free tattoo “coupon” for my birthday last September, I decided to cash it in while we were back in Milwaukee for Christmas.

Adam of Adambomb Tattoo Gallerie did the actual inking (he’s done my last three tattoos), but the artwork for the piece was done by my good friend Dwellephant.

The idea for the piece was simple: a line of handwritten text around my forearm that showcases the cities I’ve lived in.

Dwellephant got busy and sent me a few sketches:

New tattoo sketches by Dwellephant.

In the end, I opted for the continuous-line, script version (with a few tweaks).

From Milwaukee (MKE)…


…to Columbus (CBUS)…


…to Los Angeles (LA)…


…with space for more. We’ll see what ends up in that spot.

Already thinking about tattoo #5,


Right here.



Old Poop!