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…last weekend for a Christmas cookie bakeoff!

The Christmas cookie baking crew!

We also failed miserably at getting out of a zombie escape room.

Zombie escape room fail!

We still have two rounds of visitors before 2017 hits,


…doesn’t look too different from the site’s top five commenters in 2012.

Top five commenters on "The Blarg" in 2013.

My mom still holds the crown for top commenter with an even 200 comments (nearly doubling last year’s total), but my good friend Brandon Doherty moved up a notch, stealing the #2 position from my Uncle Bob. Both Paul Spooner and Jocco slipped out of the top five, only to be replaced by Kate C. and my dad.

Now, let’s see which of you really love me in 2014.

And… they’re off,


Just a bit off, Facebook.

…I’m not sure if my mom should be flattered or offended that Facebook thinks her face is similar to that of a five-year-old boy.

Almost… but not even close,


Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Love you,


PS: Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

PPS: I wanted to include these, just for fun.



We hit up burgers and beer,


…my Grandpa Hi-Guy painted a portrait of Yogi Bear on my then-infant mother’s bedroom wall. When they moved out of the house years later, Hi-Guy cut the painting out of the drywall and took it with him.

Today, Hi-Guy’s painting is still proudly on display in my mother’s home.

A Hi-Guy original… just like his jar of noses,


…my mom and dad took me to Disney World in Florida. I was five years old, and it was my first time in a Disney park.

A couple days ago, my dad scanned a bunch of old negatives from that trip. Yesterday, he sent a batch of them to Bethany and me. (Note: Bethany wasn’t on this trip because she was only nine months old at the time. My parents left her with our grandparents.)

I was going through all of the images when I came across this photo:

This picture got me wondering: Dad, why didn’t you bring your short shorts on vacation with you?

Super Dad indeed,


Old Poop!