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…which we ordered from the talented folks at Monstorium.

Grey got a La Llorona ornament…

Grey's 2019 La Llorona ornament!

…and West got a classic ghost.

West's 2019 ghost ornament!

Our annual Krampus ornament is still coming,


From Yvonne Laube Designs! Dig it!

The 2018 Krampus ornament!

It’s a great addition to our growing Krampus ornament collection.

Also this year, we decided to start a new tradition where we buy each of the kids a monster/creature ornament. This year, we chose to start with the Yeti (AKA Abominable Snowman).

Grey’s ornament comes from Art of Melodious:

Grey's 2018 Yeti ornament!

And West’s from Red Marionette:

West's 2018 Yeti ornament!

Maybe next year’s monster will be Chupacabra! Or Cthulhu! Or Trump!

Five Krampus ornaments strong,



She was talking about herself,



Dear Rush,

When your enlarged junkie heart finally fails (which, by the looks of you, will be sooner than later) I’ll be the first person waiting in line to piss on your grave.

Do the world a favor and die already.

What a monster,


Here’s the eleventh installment of “Sketchbook,” a reoccurring section here on “The Blarg.” To learn more about “Sketchbook” and become involved yourself, click here.

The phrase for the eleventh “Sketchbook” was: Monster.

Below are the submissions. Click on each image for a larger version of the art, and click on the artist’s name to visit their website.

Also, click below to check out previous “Sketchbook” assignments:

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Thanks to everyone who participated! I’ll be sending out the next assignment soon.

Coming up on a dozen,



Bill Hewitt:

Sketchbook: "Monster" by Bill Hewitt

Marla Campbell:

Sketchbook: "Monster" by Marla Campbell

Josh Peters:

Sketchbook: "Monster" by Josh Peters

Sketchbook: "Monster" by Josh Peters

Susanne Iles:


Sketchbook: "Monster" by Susanne Iles


Sketchbook: "Monster" by Susanne Iles

Justin Shady:

Sketchbook: "Monster" by Justin Shady

“To be honest, I think that being physically beautiful does get you ahead in the world. When you look at mass murderers that are on trial for killing thousands of people, it’s hard for a society to convict somebody who’s really attractive.”

-Jillian, terrifying pageant mother on “Toddlers & Tiaras”

She should be marched into the ocean,


My buddy Dwellephant (who I am doing a little book called “Missing the Boat” with) sent me a link to the following video.

I’m not even going to set it up for you because it’s truly self-explanatory.

Just sit back and enjoy this: an end of an era.


David Motari = Fuckhole

so someone can be “creative” with him and throw his macho ass off a cliff.

I wanted to share this without linking the actual video because that just perpetuates the stupidity of cavemen like Motari. But basically, all you need to know is this: Motari threw a fucking LIVE PUPPY off of a cliff, and was dumb enough to have his fellow Marine dickhead friends tape it.

They all laughed as it yelped its way down the cliff.

That alone would be bad enough. But what’s worse is Motari’s personal page on which claims that he actually did the puppy a favor, because it just would have died of starvation had he not thrown it over a cliff.

David Motari is STILL a fuckhole.

You’re a poster child for why abortion should stay legal, BOY. Your dad should have done the world a favor and dump-trucked you onto your mom’s stomach. Fucking monster.

So yeah, for the first time ever I think the war in Iraq is a noble cause, but only if David Motari is on the frontlines. Unfortunately, the Marines decided to expel him from the Corps. That’s like being let go from the Nazi Party for being too harsh.

One puppy is worth a thousand David Motaris,


Old Poop!