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…but probably not for the reason you think.

In the past, I tried to post at least one article every day (or at least 30 a month if I couldn’t write one each day), but this marks just the ninth post this month.

Part of this is due to the fact that I’m now a father who must tend to his newborn daughter’s every need. Another part of my absence is due to me being neck-deep in upcoming projects. But there’s another factor at play here, and it’s one I’ve yet to talk about here on The Blarg.

Tonight, that changes.

The entire Shady clan—myself, KB, Grey, Mr. Fabulous, Meatshake, and Heisenberg—will be moving out of L.A. in just a few short weeks. KB has accepted a job as design director of Chicago Magazine in, duh, Chicago. Her first day on the job is October 1st.

Of course, my work will keep me moving back and forth between L.A. and Chicago (or wherever we end up after that) indefinitely. In fact, we’re not even officially giving up our apartment here, so I’ll still have a bed to sleep in when I visit. Still, things will be different starting in just a few short weeks. Obviously.

Because of this, KB and I have spent much of August getting our shit together: breaking the news to loved ones out here, figuring out movers, looking for a new place to live, and drinking a lot to ease the insanity.

September probably won’t be any less busy/crazy, but I promise to be vigilant about posting more often (including our progress) as our time in L.A. winds down.

So stay tuned, folks… because shit’s about to get fucking nuts.

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