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The Albion Beasts.

That makes three of us,


Mr. Hamulous!

Pretty sure it wasn’t the first time,


…I adopted a little four-month-old mutt named Lacy.

Lacy had been adopted by a family one month earlier. An hour before I arrived at the shelter, that family had returned Lacy for “playing too rough” with their child. I translated this into “just being a puppy.”

I had never owned a pet, let alone a dog, so I was admittedly nervous about my decision to take this sweet little girl—a sweet little girl with a ton of energy and a penchant for eating things that weren’t even remotely edible—home with me.

I’m so glad I did, because it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

On the morning of March 18th, 2006, Lacy was returned to a shelter. Later that afternoon, she left it for good with me and a new name: Mr. Fabulous.

The best.

She’s the best, I love her to death, and I can’t imagine life without her.

Happy Anniversary,


Thanks, Jamie!

She loves it!

It all started 17 years ago,


Sup, dog?

That or a Christmas gang,


Happy tenth birthday, Mr. Fabulous!

Feeling so lucky to have this wonderful dog for a decade,


Sometimes it's a tutu!

What a fop,








Up close and furry,


Learn how right here.

Here’s what I submitted:

Mr. Fabulous on the moon!

Fabulous moon,


…that measures two feet by three feet. In addition to the foam stuffing that came with the bed, we shoved an old down comforter inside for extra padding.

It’s a little extravagant, but we figure an 80-pound dog could use it.

Still, for some reason, she sometimes chooses to sleep on one of the cat beds.


Meatshake and Heisenberg don’t mind. They just take over one of Fab’s spots.

And they couldn't care less.

Living in a bizarro pet world,



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