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Sometimes it's a tutu!

What a fop,








Up close and furry,


Learn how right here.

Here’s what I submitted:

Mr. Fabulous on the moon!

Fabulous moon,


…that measures two feet by three feet. In addition to the foam stuffing that came with the bed, we shoved an old down comforter inside for extra padding.

It’s a little extravagant, but we figure an 80-pound dog could use it.

Still, for some reason, she sometimes chooses to sleep on one of the cat beds.


Meatshake and Heisenberg don’t mind. They just take over one of Fab’s spots.

And they couldn't care less.

Living in a bizarro pet world,


Would you like to play a game...

No, really. I just had to.


You would’ve done it, too,


At the time, she was four months old and her name was Lacy.

Lacy?!? THAT'S a weird name!

And she looked like this:

Oh my lord! So adorable!

I’ve loved every minute with her ever since,


You have no idea... much I love this furry weirdo.

…but Mr. Fabulous will always be my first daughter.

She’s the best,


Once you go black...

Three of those are now in the trash,


…who is the four-year-old daughter of our good friends Brett and Marci, to draw a family portrait of us (including our three beasts).

What began as one drawing soon turned into nearly two dozen. Brett and Marci were kind enough to send all of them to us.

Holy art!

Apparently, our family’s females (which is everyone but me) became Lucy’s muse.

It was a hard choice, but in the end we decided to frame this one:

The Shadys by Lucy Beighley.

Yes, that’s KB walking Mr. Fabulous, Meatshake, and Heisenberg while I tag along, picking up piles of their smelly turds.

As payment, we sent Lucy a gift certificate to a toy store near her hometown. She bought two stuffed animals with her hard-earned money: a fluffy cat she named Cat, and a stingray she named Sea Horse.

This makes Lucy my favorite kid ever.

Just one in a series of commissioned portraits,


…but regardless, it’s fucking adorable.

Seriously, no staging necessary.

You should see her juggle,



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