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It's the Muppet Show... on that guy's back.

I want a Fozzie rug,



I came across it a few weeks ago while looking for header images for The Blarg.

1981 Hallmark Muppets advent calendar!

It was amazing how I instantly recognized the illustrations of the Muppets. In a flash, it all came flooding back to me.

Five-year-old Justin loved this thing.

Someone is selling the calendar for $80 on eBay. I don’t want it that badly, but it was cool to stumble across a bit of my childhood after all these decades.

Advent calendars are now filled with chocolate,



…for these sheets of awesome birthday stickers.

They include a ton of poop stickers, “PRINCESS JUSTIN IS TURNING FORTY” stickers, “40 AND STILL SMOKIN’ HOT” stickers, “480 MONTHS” stickers, and stickers with three Muppets and Elmo wishing me a happy birthday on it.

Thanks, guys! A lot of these are already stuck to things.

Sticker sucker,



And it’s not even noon,


Animal - Arm = Def Leppard

Pour some sugar on mahna mahna,


This week, I decided I would no longer be publishing “dead” posts on “The Blarg.”

Over time, I’ve come to feel those posts are too easy. That, and a shitload of people have been dying recently, and I’m nervous of “The Blarg” becoming an obituary site. I decided that the Phyllis Diller post would be the last of its kind; I figured she was a good one to go out on.

And then yesterday, legendary Muppet performer Jerry Nelson died.

So instead of ignoring Nelson’s passing, I’ve decided that every once in awhile, when the situation warrants it, I’ll handle “dead” posts like this.

Nelson was the hands beneath and the voice behind many of the Muppets greatest characters. On “Sesame Street,” he was the Amazing Mumford, Herry Monster, Sherlock Hemlock, Snuffleupagus, and (probably his most well-known character) Count von Count. On “The Muppet Show,” he was Robin the Frog, Camilla the Chicken, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Uncle Deadly, Lew Zealand, and (my personal favorite) Sgt. Floyd Pepper. And for “Fraggle Rock” fans, he was Gobo.

Nelson was a Muppet original. Sadly, there aren’t very many of them left.

Back in December 2001, some friends, my sister (to be clear, my sister is also my friend) and I had an opportunity to meet Jerry at a Muppet convention in Los Angeles. (Don’t judge us!) It was very brief, but at the end of it I got an autograph from him. That’s somewhere in a box back in Los Angeles (I’m writing this from San Francisco), otherwise I’d scan it and show it to you guys.

But who needs an autograph when I’ve got a little piece of Jerry Nelson right here on my arm?

That sounded gross, but you understand what I mean.

Every time one of the Muppet Men go it bums me out, and Jerry Nelson was one of the best. The Muppets were different after Jim Henson and Richard Hunt died. Somehow, today, the Muppets are different than they were yesterday.

He’ll be missed.

One! One amazing performer! Ha-ha-ha,


PS: Listen to Jerry doing the Count on this commercial.

Spot on,


…be sure to check out “The Muppet (Art) Show” at the Rogues Gallery in Packrat Comics in Hilliard.

The show will feature work from a bunch of artists who each contributed their own interpretations of the Muppets. The best part? A bunch of my friends are in it!

Jeremy R. Scott created this gem…

Dwellephant contributed numerous pieces to the show (this being one of them)…

…as did the event’s organizer, Josh Peters.

Other artists include Joel Jackson, Alex Clare, and Timberlee Myers, among others.

The opening reception is this Saturday, December 3rd at 7:00 PM. The gallery will also be open during Packrat Comics’ regular business hours.

Learn more about the event and see more pieces here on Facebook, and here at the Rogues Gallery blog.

It’s time to play the music,


I’m a dork for both,


…submitted two new Muppet t-shirt designs for consideration on Threadless.

Vote for the one above here, then vote for the one below here.

This doesn’t count as a Muppet post, Ralph,