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…you’re in our neck of the woods.

Get searching,


Creepy popsicle watermelon man,


Obama wants change… apparently for turtles and salamanders!

Nowadays, a lot of businesses are taking advantage of Obama’s popularity and… well, let me just show you.

A few miles away from our apartment is a small reptile store called Fish Reef Reptiles. Here’s their signage:

Fish Reef Reptiles

Located just below that sign is their front door, and directly next to said front door is this enormous hand-painted mural:

Fish Reef Reptiles

Forget about politics, support small business… and create the creepiest portrait of Barack Obama ever in the process.

I have to admit that a tiny part of me thinks this is disgusting. Thankfully, a huge part of me thinks it’s fucking awesome.

Barack Lobster,


PS: Just to be clear, I know a lobster isn’t a reptile, but “Barack Lobster” worked so much better than “Barack Gecko” or something like that. Please don’t email me calling me a moron.

Old Poop!