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…I posted this about my good friends Tim and Jess.

Yesterday, Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate ran this story about their ongoing situation. Be sure to also check out the video link on the left side.

Getting through it,


…won the Improv Olympics X-Ecution challenge last night!

After competing with twenty-three other contestants over the span of nearly four months, Dave took home the grand prize: $500 cash, and meetings with casting agents at ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

When the contestants got down to the final three they were asked to make a video of a “hero’s journey.” Luckily, that was open to interpretation, and Dave put together this video called “Double Duty.”

The video stars Dave Theune as Detectives Noose and Kelsberg, Mike Kauth as the Police Sergeant, Kurt Scholler (who you might recognize from both a Campbell’s Soup commercial and a guest spot on “The Office”) as the Thug (and Dave’s body double), Chris Garnaas as the Ninja, Brian Allman as the Mayor, and yours truly as the Villain Leader.

Check it out here:

Then check out this sketch between Dave and the other final contestant, Clayton, from last night’s elimination. They’re playing two frat boys in the fraternity Delta Kappa.

And then I give you this clip of Dave and Eddie. One of the challenges last night was to have Dave go out onto Hollywood Boulevard and convince a complete stranger to go inside and perform improv with him. Dave chose Eddie. Thank Christ, because it’s hilarious. The scene takes place in a boot store for strippers. Dave is the customer, Eddie is the employee.

And finally, here’s Dave’s big win.

Dave moved out to L.A. from Milwaukee just this past February and he’s already rocking the improv scene, so be sure to keep an eye out for him in the future. Good things are coming for this kid.

Congratulations, Theune! Remember all us little bastards when you get your own sitcom with Jim Belushi!

Yes, that was sarcasm,



Old Poop!