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Mmmm... Netherlandy!

…but we got our third (and final) shipment of Universal Yums back in… honestly, I can’t even remember anymore.

Our last installment was filled with treats from the Netherlands! You know, like Eddie Van Halen.

Thanks again to Beth for the great gift!

Back to eating boring-ass American snacks,



Again, the Netherlands is weird,


Prominent Zitcomfort!

Still not sure what they do,


…on our way from Berlin to Brussels.

We were in the country for about a half hour and made only one stop to fill up the tank and grab some snacks from a grocery store that sells everything from produce to life-sized gorilla statues.

Only in the Netherlands can you buy a life-size gorilla statue in a grocery store.

The store also had this highly offensive sign hanging from its ceiling.


Far more interesting (and racist) than I imagined,


Old Poop!