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…(ba-dum-bum), but I was spending most of my free time finishing up my ninth spec script (which I will be sharing with everyone here later next month).

That said, it’s done! So look for a whole slew of new posts coming shortly.

Getting harder to balance all life has to offer,



October was nuts… so was November,


From our American Goth costumes on the 18th…


…to the “horny” meeting I attended on Halloween…

ALL meetings should be horny meetings.

…to the revisiting of our Shining costumes in WeHo later that night…

We're back... for ever... and ever... and ever.

…to our sugar skull-inspired Dia de los Muertos makeup last night at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, we took advantage of each and every second of Halloween.

One final Halloween hurrah!

One final Halloween hurrah!

It’s my most favorite time of the year. Obviously.

Only eleven more months until next October,


…because I’m eating Count Chocula!

The only time of year I eat spooky cereals,


Never leave your dry erase markers unattended,


…there’s going to be a scene that takes place in a parking lot. The scene is between two main characters; one of them is Hurley.

That’s the scene Kathy and I were almost in!

When we were out in Hawaii last October we had an opportunity to be extras in that scene. Unfortunately, due to crazy schedules and a departing plane later that evening, we decided to pass on the chance.

But keep your eyes peeled for that scene tonight! The extras driving around in the parking lot, that was supposed to be us!

Heading back to Hawaii in twelve short weeks,


unfortunately, it was a documentary.

Check out the trailer for “Hell House” right here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.



Alterra's Peruvian Cochapampa

…Peruvian Cochapampa!



…and October is my favorite month. But since moving out to Los Angeles a year ago, the overall feeling of autumn has been mostly absent. So absent, in fact, that my girlfriend and I spent hundreds of dollars and traveled thousands of miles back to the Midwest just to be able to enjoy a few days of changing colors and chilly weather.

So how awesome was it when we arrived back in Los Angeles and found the city cold, gray and rainy? Pretty awesome, especially since we hadn’t had a full day of rain in nearly ten months. I’m not kidding.

It was such a breath of fresh air that I grabbed my Flip and recorded these two quick clips:

Of course, the very next day it was back to being sunny and ninety degrees, but whatever. It was still pretty nice while it lasted.

I can stand the rain,



Old Poop!