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…chances are I was wearing these shoes.

Farewell, old friend.

Those Kermit-centric Adidas were given to me by a friend as a Christmas present back in 2011. Since then, I’ve worn them pretty much every day. They were my meeting shoes of choice (they always sparked a conversation), and have touched the ground of eight different countries (nine, I guess, if you include the U.S.).

To be read: Over the last two-plus years, these shoes have been extremely loved.

Sadly, that love was starting to show, and a couple of holes in the soles recently sealed their fate.

So farewell, old friend! I loved slipping my feet into you.

Man, that sounds so dirty.

But wait! Is that a new pair of sweet Adidas I see approaching on the horizon?

Hello, new friend!

Indeed it is!

Also, I’m not entirely saying goodbye. I kept a couple of souvenirs.


It’s shoe hard… to say goodbye… to yesterday,


Old Poop!