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New faucet! Fuck yeah!

Young me would hate old me,


A dying breed.

At least they’ve got that black guy in the bottom righthand corner,


I'm getting so big!

Everybody’s doing it,


Farewell, old friend.

…I apologize for all the shit I put through you.



"What is a nail of nine inches, Alex?"

…partly because I watch Jeopardy! every night, and partly because Nine Inch Nails was a clue on tonight’s episode.

Someday I’ll get the chance to beat the hell out of Trebek,


…I want to be a lot like this:

Thanks to Jenea for sending this along,


For those of you who don’t know what that means, go here first.

Here’s me a few hours old:

Here’s me a few hours ago:

And here they are next to each other:

Exactly the same… with less hair,


Some of these are pretty damn cool/hilarious.

I’m thinking about recreating my baby photo:

Still damn cute,


Old Poop!